The customer must bear the costs of transportation of the products purchased and the payment of taxes that may arise due to their purchase; In any case, the value of the transport will be informed at the time of generating the purchase order, clarifying that said charge may vary according to the city where the dispatch should be made and will be definitively informed in the order acceptance email purchase and notification of successful payment.

Delivery promise

The general promise of delivery of a product purchased through this website will be five (5) days, which will start counting from the day after the acceptance of the purchase order. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the control of LA CASA DEL PERNO RMGR CIA - and irresistible, delays in deliveries may occur, such circumstances will be informed by telephone or electronically to the buyer.

Now, in the e-mail that confirms the acceptance of the purchase order and successful payment of the products, the estimated delivery time will be reported, without it being able to exceed thirty (30) days.

The sale will be subject to inventory availability, if when the product is listed there is no availability LA CASA DEL PERNO RMGR CIA- will contact the customer to resolve the situation.

Shipping times and policies

• does not commit to specific delivery times. The order will arrive at the place of residence according to the assigned date, between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

• The merchandise will be delivered to the address indicated by the user.

In the case of companies, industrial sectors, closed complexes or horizontal properties in which entry is not allowed, it will be delivered at the gate; In the case of pedestrian paths, it will be left as far as the vehicle can enter. • The purchase invoice will be sent to the delivery address within the order. In the event that the buyer's address is visited and I was unable to deliver the order because he or his authorized person were not present, the new shipment may be rescheduled, after telephone communication with the buyer to notify the news and coordinate the new delivery. If the customer is not found and a third delivery has to be rescheduled, this delivery will have an additional cost equal to the transportation cost charged on the invoice. To cancel this value, the customer must contact the telephone lines: 02 233 40 98 - 02 233 13 81

Changes of products on request, designed, cut or made to measure or under particular specifications will not be accepted. The task of sending orders is carried out through the SERVIENTREGA company, so CASA DEL PERNO RMGR CIA LTDA, will not be responsible for the state in which it arrives. CASA DEL PERNO RMGR CIA LTDA, undertakes to send the guide number and proof of departure of the complete order and in perfect condition from the warehouse. If you have any problem with the delivery, please report it to the telephone lines: 02 233 40 98 - 02 233 13 81, to carry out the corresponding procedure and make the delivery correctly.

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